Conversion Chart

I started using metric measurements for baking when I was working on my cookbook, which includes them. I did some researching online to try and find a good conversion system and to my surprise, there didn’t seem to be one – at least not that I could find. Various websites had different measurements, which obviously made it difficult to follow a “standard”.

After figuring things out based on what I’d found online, in other cookbooks and looking at my own measuring, I developed these conversions. If they don’t meet the typical conversions you follow, I understand. There doesn’t seem to be a good standard out there. The internet is full of resources that offer different things. If it’s inconvenient that they’re different, I’m sorry and I understand. However, these are the measurements I use for weight and volume – and I do actually measure dry ingredients by weight these days. I still use cups for liquids.

I hope you find the chart helpful. Since I only started using these in 2016, my older recipes may or may not have them added. This is a good guide for those older recipes. Feel free to download the PDF and print it out for use with your baking.